Compliance Principles Ltd

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33A The High Street, Tean, Stoke on Trent, ST104DY


​At Compliance Principles we believe that in order to be successful for our clients and to maintain the trust and confidence of the markets, regulators, societies and environments in which we operate a genuine and transparent commitment to the way we conduct ourselves and our business together with the excellence with which we deliver must be synonymous with our name.

​We have enshrined this need and this commitment within our Client & Peoples Charter. The principles of the charter underpin our recruitment, service delivery, client engagement and corporate governance processes and requires each member of staff to​

  • Value their Clients and Colleagues as they would want to be valued themselves
  • Nurture the ideas and talents of others as they were once nurtured
  • Have a passion for the journey as well as the outcome
  • Never disclose the needs of one Client, in order to gain favour with another
  • Never put at risk the long term for the perceived reward of the short term
  • Promise only what you can deliver and
  • Above all else never compromise their integrity, personal values or moral principles.


  • To treat everyone with integrity and trust.
  • To engage others and demonstrate a passion for excellence.
  • To contribute to success from a relentless drive for improvement
  • To develop ones self through knowledge share with others
  • To maintain the respect of others through respect for ones self